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Casting a Ballot for Primary Prevention

Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson
ONF 2000, 27(9), 1347 DOI:
I doubt that any of us are unaware that we are in the midst of a close presidential race. Sadly, many of us, like many other Americans, wiII not take the time to cast our ballot. So many good reasons exist why one should exercise those "good citi­zen" muscles and vote on November 4 that it hardly seems necessary to address one specific reason, but address it I will. My intent is not to campaign for one candidate over another, as I would not presume to use this forum to espouse a particular political view. I cannot say strongly enough, how­ever, that our ability to vote is a privilege and a responsibility. If you do not take the initiative to be a part of the solution, you become not only part of the problem but also a liability for this country.