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Oncology Nurse Generalist Competencies: Oncology Nursing Society’s Initiative to Establish Best Practice

Michele E. Gaguski
Kim George
Susan D. Bruce
Edie Brucker
Carol Leija
Kristine B. LeFebvre
Heather Mackey
CJON 2017, 1-9 DOI:

Background: A project team was formulated by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) to create evidence-based oncology nurse generalist (ONG) competencies to establish best practices in competency development, including high-risk tasks, critical thinking criteria, and measurement of key areas for oncology nurses.

Objectives: This article aims to describe the process and the development of ONG competencies.

Methods: This article describes how the ONG competencies were accomplished, and includes outcomes and suggestions for use in clinical practice.

Findings: Institutions can use the ONG competencies to assess and develop competency programs, offer unique educational strategies to measure and appraise proficiency, and establish processes to foster a workplace environment committed to mentoring and teaching future oncology nurses.