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Jehovah's Witness Patients: Interventions for Successful Stem Cell Transplantation Without Blood Product Transfusions for Hematologic Malignancies

Amanda D. Park
Sandra I. Rome
Raymond Gantioque
CJON 2019, 1-6 DOI:
Background: Jehovah’s Witnesses are members of a religion that prohibits them from accepting blood product transfusions. This refusal makes them a particularly compelling population in the context of hematologic malignancies and stem cell transplantation, because blood product transfusions are a mainstay of supportive treatment.
Objectives: This article presents preventive and supportive measures allowing Jehovah’s Witness patients the opportunity to receive a stem cell transplantation without blood product transfusions.
Methods: A literature review was done that included evidence focusing on optimizing hematopoiesis, blood loss prevention, alterations in chemotherapy regimens, and implications for nursing practice.
Findings: With proper preventive and supportive care measures, Jehovah’s Witness patients can receive stem cell transplantations for hematologic malignancies without blood product transfusions.