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Professional Issues

Transforming Cancer Survivorship Care Through Quality Improvement Initiatives

Guadalupe R. Palos
Fran Zandstra
Katherine Gilmore
Ludivine Russell
Jacklyn Flores
Maria Alma Rodriquez
CJON 2014, 18(4), 468-470 DOI: 10.1188/14.CJON.468-470

Oncology nurses must become better prepared to conduct quality improvement projects that will optimize quality of care and patient safety for long-term cancer survivors. The growing interest in survivorship care has led to the availability of multiple versions of cancer survivorship care plans (SCPs). Despite the availability of SCPs, research is lacking evidence-based processes to evaluate whether providers comply with planning and issuing SCPs. In the current article, the authors describe exploratory efforts to monitor the providers' compliance rate in issuing SCPs in diverse disease-specific clinics.


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