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Navigating the Seasons of Survivorship in Community Oncology

Michele O'Brien
Carrie Tompkins Stricker
Jacqueline D. Foster
Kimberly Ness
Aimee Ginsburg Arlen
Rowena N. Schwartz
CJON 2014, 18(1), 9-14 DOI: 10.1188/14.CJON.S1.9-14

Nurses have an important role in the development, implementation, and evaluation of cancer survivorship programs. Growing numbers of cancer survivors challenge community oncology practices to incorporate survivorship care according to new standards and guidelines. In response, one community-based oncology clinic created an advanced practice nurse (APN)-led survivorship program using the concept of Seasons of Survival as a guide. Survivorship care, when based on a more expansive definition of survivorship as beginning at the time of diagnosis, encompasses holistic nursing and multidisciplinary care. The APN assesses each patient's concerns and quality of life using a validated measure to tailor survivorship and supportive care. This article reviews the foundation and structure of the program in detail, describes program implementation using case studies, and outlines the program evaluation process and results.


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