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The Complex Dual Diagnosis of Diabetes and Cancer

Crystal Stevens
Shirley Dinkel
Jeanne Catanzaro
CJON 2011, 15(6), 654-658 DOI: 10.1188/11.CJON.654-658

Diabetes and cancer are two of the top three killers in the United States. As the number of people surviving cancer increases, more patients will be living with both cancer and diabetes. This integrative review of the literature will provide an overview of diabetes, cancer, and the complex interactions between the two. A literature search was conducted and three main areas were identified that warrant additional discussion: the relationship between glucocorticoids and hyperglycemia, glucose control in the management of diabetes in patients with cancer, and an increased risk of certain cancers with the comorbid condition of diabetes. The hope is that, through additional research, evidence-based practice guidelines can be developed to direct the care of these challenging comorbid conditions. To provide holistic care to patients, diabetes and cancer management must be incorporated into healthcare curricula and should be an essential part of clinical diabetes educator certification.


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