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Maintaining Bone Health in Patients With Multiple Myeloma

Teresa S. Miceli
Kathleen Colson
Beth M. Faiman
Kena Miller
Joseph D. Tariman
the International Myeloma Foundation Nurse Leadership Board
CJON 2011, 15(4), 9-23 DOI: 10.1188/11.S1.CJON.9-23

About 90% of individuals with multiple myeloma will develop osteolytic bone lesions from increased osteoclastic and decreased osteoblastic activity. Severe morbidities from pathologic fractures and other skeletal events can lead to poor circulation, blood clots, muscle wasting, compromised performance status, and overall poor survival. Supportive care targeting bone disease is an essential adjunct to antimyeloma therapy. In addition, the maintenance of bone health in patients with multiple myeloma can significantly improve quality of life. Oncology nurses and other healthcare providers play a central role in the management of bone disease and maintenance throughout the course of treatment. Safe administration of bisphosphonates, promotion of exercise, maintenance of adequate nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation, scheduled radiographic examinations, and monitoring of bone complications are among the important functions that oncology nurses and healthcare providers perform in clinical practice.


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