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Falls and Hospitalized Patients With Cancer

Rebecca Allan-Gibbs
CJON 2010, 14(6), 784-792 DOI: 10.1188/10.CJON.784-792

Preventing falls continues to be a serious issue faced by hospitals. Several studies have demonstrated an increased need for safety in hospitalized patients with cancer compared to other hospitalized populations. In addition, several fall-prevention studies in hospital settings have reported high rates of falls and injuries in this population. A cancer diagnosis is a significant risk factor for falling; however, few hospital studies have examined patients with cancer independently to determine why they are at greater risk for falls and injuries. Patients with cancer are a unique population because cancer treatments can cause side effects that may increase fall risk. Falls also can cause significant morbidity and mortality. More research is needed to better understand what specific oncology risk factors contribute to falls in the hospital setting.


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