February 2007, Volume 11, Number 1

2006 CJON Mentor/Fellow Program Participants


The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing (CJON) offers an opportunity each year for novice writers to work with experienced authors who will mentor them through the writing and publishing process. In 2006, 10 direct caregivers were paired with mentors, who have guided them through the manuscript preparation process. The CJON Mentor/Fellow Program is generously underwritten through a grant from Amgen Inc.

The CJON Editorial Board and staff congratulate and recognize the mentors and fellows who participated in the CJON Mentor/Fellow Program in 2006.


Fellow Amy Anderson, RN, BSN, OCN®, is a staff nurse III in Rochester, NY, and Mentor Paula Klemm, DNSc, RN, OCN®, is an associate professor in Newark, DE.


Fellow Christine G. Gatlin, RN, OCN®, MHA, is director of medicine and oncology service in Baton Rouge, LA, and Mentor Lisa Schulmeister, RN, MN, CS, OCN®, FAAN, is an oncology nurse consultant in New Orleans, LA.


Fellow Hilda Haynes-Lewis, MS, ANP, APRN, BC, is a radiation oncology adult nurse practitioner in the Bronx, NY, and Mentor Carol A. Sheridan, RN, MSN, is a senior health system manager in Thousand Oaks, CA.


Fellow Annette Himmel, RN, CRNI®, OCN®, is a clinical support specialist in Madison Heights, MI, and Mentor Jenenne P. Nelson, PhD, CNS, RN, is an associate professor and Kaiser Permanente Professorship of Nursing and Health Sciences in Colorado Springs, CO.


Fellow Christine S. Hull, RN, BSN, OCN®, is an RN in Falls Church, VA, and Mentor Maureen E. O’Rourke, RN, PhD, is a clinical professor in Greensboro, NC.


Fellow Peggy S. Mueller, MS, RN, OCN®, is an oncology clinical coordinator in Marina del Rey, CA, and Mentor Catherine Glennon, RN, MHS, BC, CNA, OCN®, is a clinical nurse specialist in Durham, NC.


Fellow Kamala (Kami) Potter, RN, MS, AOCN®, is a clinical nurse specialist in Allentown, PA, and Mentor Jeanne Held-Warmkessel, MSN, RN, AOCN®, APRN, BC, is a clinical nurse specialist in Philadelphia, PA.


Fellow Eileen S. Rugh, RN, OCN®, is an oncology nurse in Bethlehem, PA, and Mentor Marianne Matzo, PhD, APRN, BC, FAAN, is a professor and Frances E. and A. Earl Ziegler Chair in Palliative Care Nursing in Oklahoma City, OK.


Fellow Karen A. Schwaderer, RN, BSN, OCN®, is director of patient navigation and clinical services in McKeesport, PA, and Mentor Joanne Itano, RN, PhD, OCN®, is director of academic planning and policy in Honolulu, HI.


Fellow Connie Yabes-Sabolboro, RN, MS, CNS, OCN®, is a clinical nurse specialist in Palo Alto, CA, and Mentor Margaret L. Anthony, RN, MHS, CNOR, is a nurse manager in Charleston, SC.


For more information about the CJON Mentor/Fellow Program or to obtain an application, visit the Publications area of the ONS Web site (www.ons.org) or contact Laura Schnable, ONS Publishing Division administrative assistant, at 412-859-6271 (pubCJON@ons.org).




In Continuing Education Test 2 of the December 2006 issue (Vol. 10, No. 6, pp. 816–818), question 5 reads, “A patient who received an allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation 80 days ago reports to the clinic with complaints of increasing fatigue and is noted to have a mild fever (99.6°F) as well as slightly swollen submandibular lymph glands.” The question asks readers to consider various options related to the probable cause of the symptoms; however, patients with cancer rarely present with typical symptoms of cytomegalovirus, and swollen lymph glands would be unlikely in this population.