Meeting the Need for Psychosocial Care in Young Adults With Cancer

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What do we know about the psychosocial needs of young adults with cancer? Are they different from those of other cancer survivors? The answers to these two questions are simply "A little" and "Yes, a lot," respectively. Young adults have traditionally fallen between the two worlds of pediatric and adult cancer. However, young adults are not children with cancer, nor are they older adults with the disease. Young adults are a unique population with developmental tasks and life experiences that are different from those in other life stages. 

Meeting the Need for Psychosocial Care in Young Adults With Cancer describes what is known about the psychosocial needs of young adults with cancer and addresses how healthcare professionals can help them overcome the challenges of cancer at this stage of life. The book is designed to help the multidisciplinary team delivering medical, nursing, and psychosocial care for these young people provide comprehensive, evidence-based care that takes into account their unique needs and stage of life.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Anne Katz
Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the concerns of young adults and adolescents, as well as an overview of the book.

Chapter 3 - Treatment

Anne Katz
Chapter 3 examines treatment for the young adult with cancer. Issues detailed include where young adults with cancer should be treated, transitioning care, navigating treatment and survivorship, and more.

Chapter 6 - Fertility Challenges

Anne Katz
Chapter 6 examines fertility challenges for the young adult with cancer. Issues explored include male and female reproduction, fertility preservation, and more.

Chapter 7 - Pregnancy and Parenting

Anne Katz
Chapter 7 details issues surrounding pregnancy and parenting for young adults with cancer. Explored the impact of breast cancer and other cancer, how cancer affects young women, parenting after cancer, and more.

Chapter 8 - Family and Friends

Anne Katz
Chapter 8 exmaines how the young adult with cancer deals with family and friends. Included are issues such as transitioning to a young adult, handling treatment decisions, having sensitive discussions, and more.

Chapter 9 - Supportive Care

Anne Katz
Chapter 9 details issues surrounding the supportive care of the young adult with cancer. Included are details on how to handle a wide range of issues - including emotional, practical, interpersonal, and spiritual needs.