Manual for Clinical Trials Nursing (Third Edition)

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The third edition of the Manual for Clinical Trials Nursing provides you with an updated examination of issues surrounding clinical trials. 

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Oncology Nursing Society
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Chapters 19 - 22 - Agreements and Contracts, Financial Risk Assessment and Monitoring, Internal Financial Audit and Quality Assurance, Financial Conflict of Interest

Kelly Willenberg
Mariel D. Norton
Connie M. Szczepanek
Lyndon Vestal Evans
D. Marie Jackson
Douglas C. Stahl
Tammie L. Bain
Chapter 19 outlines agreements and contracts. Chapter 20 examines risk assessment and monitoring. Chapter 21 details internal financial audit and quality assurance, while Chapter 22 examines financial conflict of interest.

Chapter 47 - Belarus

Volha Matylevich
Sviatlana Alimpiyeva
Sergey Mavrichev
Chapter 47 examines clinical trials in Belarus.

Chapter 53 - India

Saritha Shamsunder
Bhavesh Kumari
Satya Pal Kataria
Vijay Zutshi
Chapter 53 examines clinical trials in India.

Chapter 57 - Mexico

Adriana Chávez-Blanco
Rosa Maria Álvarez-Gómez
Patricia Cortés-Esteban
Dolores Gallardo-Rincón
Abelardo Meneses-García
Chapter 57 details clinical trials in Mexico.

Chapter 60 - Spain

Gema Piqueres Zafra
Marisa Teruel López
Irene Fernández-Bravo Del Olmo
Susana Baviera Rincón
Chapter 60 details clinical trials in Spain.