Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice

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The Oncology Nursing Society has been your go-to resource for evidence-based guidelines and education on chemotherapy administration and side effect management.

Building off the foundation established in previous editions of the Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice, this completely revised and updated text expands the foundational information you rely upon for your practice to include the latest advances related to nursing care of patients receiving antineoplastic therapies.

Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice features 26 chapters examining multiple categories of cancer-care agents, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, molecularly targeted agents, and hormone therapy. You'll find information and features such as:

  • Pathophysiology and management of toxicities related to antineoplastic treatment, with evidence-based guidelines.
  • Information on the unique side effects of immunotherapy agents and their management.
  • Safe administration of cancer therapies, including a chapter on prevention and management of infusion-related reactions with current evidence-based strategies.
  • Comprehensive drug tables in each chapter and new and updated figures, tables, and algorithms.
  • Professional considerations such as scope and standards of practice, professional education, policies and procedures, antineoplastic medication safety, ethical and legal issues, and patient education.

Adhering to national, state, and institutional standards is a fundamental responsibility of all nurses. These guidelines explain and reference standards that oncology nurses should be aware of and follow. This book is an essential resource to enhance your care of patients with cancer.


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Updates to Drug Tables - December 2019

MiKaela Olsen
Kelly Brassil
Kristine LeFebvre
To keep you abreast of the latest news and information, this newly developed update to information originally published in the Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice, offers you information on new drug approvals, new...

Chapter 1 - Professional Practice Considerations

Kristine B. LeFebvre
Chapter 1 describes issues surrounding professional practice, including information on scope and standards, professional education, policies and procedures, and antineoplastic medication safety.

Chapter 4 - Overview of Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Mary K. Anderson
Chapter 4 provides an overview of cancer and cancer treatment. Included is the definition of cancer, cancer staging and grading information, cancer treatment modalities, treatment approaches and strategies, goals of cancer therapy, measuring response and...

Chapter 6 - Chemotherapy

MiKaela M. Olsen
Ryan W. Naseman
Chapter 6 provides information on chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. Included is information on classification of chemotherapy agents and chemotherapy classifications, as well as combination chemotherapy principles. Also includes a valuable table...

Chapter 7 - Hormone Therapy

Bradley Burton
Sally L. Maliski
Chapter 7 provides information on hormonal therapy in the treatment of cancer. Included is information on cancers treated with hormone therapy, and hormone treatment categories. Also features a table detailing hormone therapy agents.

Chapter 8 - Targeted Therapy

Victoria Tkacz Brown
Chapter 8 provides information on targeted therapies in the treatment of cancer. Included are details on adverse effects of targeted therapies, and information on drug-drug interactions. Also featured is a table on targeted therapies.

Chapter 9 - Principles of the Immune System

Kristine D. Abueg
Fedricker D. Barber
Chapter 9 provides information on principles of the immune system, including an overview of immunology, types of immune response, organs and cells of the immune system, immune system proteins and receptors, phases of immune response, and immune...

Chapter 10 - Immunotherapy

Virginia Rose Bayer
Mary Elizabeth Davis
RuthAnn Gordon
Natalie Jackson
Lisa M. Marsh
Ashley L. Martinez
Chapter 10 provides information on immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer. Included are details on categories of immunotherapeutic approaches, as well as a valauble table on immunotherapy agents.

Chapter 11 - Administration Considerations

Lisa Hartkopf Smith
Chapter 11 provides information on administration considerations. Included are details on the components of safe and effective adminstration of cancer therapies, pretreatment, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy dosing, verification, routes...

Chapter 12 - Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

Martha Polovich
Chapter 12 details issues surrounding the safe handling of hazardous drugs, including the definition of hazardous drugs, potential adverse health effects associated with occupational exposure to antineoplastic and immunotherapeutic agents, NIOSH listing...

Chapter 13 - Infusion-Related Complications

Patricia Jakel
Lisa Schulmeister
Chapter 13 details issues surrounding infusion-related complications, including information on extravasation, irritation, flare reaction, and acute infusion reactions.

Chapter 14 - Myelosuppression

Barbara J. Wilson
Chapter 14 details issues surrounding myelosuppression, including information on neutropenia, anemia, and thrombocytopenia.

Chapter 15 - Gastrointestinal and Mucosal Toxicities

Kelly J. Brassil
Deborah J. Burgoon
Susanne B. Conley
Nancy M. Corbitt
Sheryl G. Forbes
Haleigh E. Mistry
Kelli Thoele
Chapter 15 details issues surrounding gastrointestinal and mucosal toxicities. Toxicities explored include nausea and vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, colitis, pancreatitis, mucositis, and constipation.

Chapter 16 - Cardiovascular Toxicities

Anecita Fadol
Chapter 16 details issues surrounding cardiovascular toxicities. Topics examined includes conduction pathway disorders, vascular abnormalities, venous thromboembolism (VTE), coronary artery disease, and left ventricular dysfunction/heart failure.

Chapter 17 - Pulmonary Toxicities

Brenda K. Shelton
Chapter 17 examines issues surrounding pulmonary toxicities, including details on Interstitial lung disease (ILD), alveolar hemorrhage, acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) treatment–related differentiation syndrome, pleural effusions, pulmonary alveolar...

Chapter 24 - Neurologic Toxicities

Jennifer Cahill
Catherine Jansen
Chapter 24 details issues surrounding neurologic toxicities, including information on radiation-induced CNS toxicity, radiation-induced peripheral nervous system toxicity, chemotherapy-induced CNS toxicity, c hemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (...